It could be shiny, it could be retro. It may involve a new type of technology or a baby giraffe playing the keyboard. Whatever its form, an idea is a thing of beauty. But once you’re done admiring it, we find a burning question remains: did it influence you? Did it make you feel, think or behave any differently?

As a collection of Communications Agency folk, we are inspired by ideas with the power to influence behaviour. Those eureka and John Fashanu-style awooga moments. Those things that stand out like a sore thumb and make a home in your thoughts. We are open to anything and everything, from art exhibitions to experimental music to the deepest, darkest pages of the gossip websites (yes, we did mean ‘everything’).

This blog is a collection of ponderings, ramblings and even the occasional rant about all things influential. What stands out may not always be logical, but maybe that’s just Sore Thumb Thinking.

This blog is powered by the folk at PAN Unlimited. Get in contact below to find out more or just for a good ol’ chinwag.

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